The Keys to Improving a Toxic Work Culture

Improving Frustrating Workplace Culture

Nothing is more detrimental to the success of a company than a toxic work culture. Acknowledging that your work environment needs to realize major changes is a huge first step, and you’ve already done that. You should feel good about this, because many company leaders never get this far.

As Las Vegas hiring support, PrideStaff Las Vegas has helped many companies overcome a toxic work culture. Here’s some advice to guide your team through a much-needed change.

Three Tips to Improve a Toxic Work Culture

Seek Input From Employees

Employees live your toxic culture every day. Therefore, instead of assuming you know what’s going on, it’s important to ask for their opinions. This is the best way to get to the source of the issue(s), so you know where to start. Involving employees in the process will also make them feel valued because it shows your desire to make positive changes and have them be part of the solution.

Make Hard Changes

After gathering feedback from employees and carefully monitoring the situation yourself, you’ll likely come to a few conclusions as to why your culture has become so toxic. Some of these might lead back to certain employees who are spreading negativity throughout the team.

As the boss, it’s your job to nip this behavior in the bud. At a minimum, you’ll need to talk to problematic employees, cite specific changes that need to be made and set consequences for failing to do so. You might also decide it’s best to let certain people go. These conversations won’t be easy, but they’re necessary to shift your culture in a positive direction.

Lead by Example

Improving a toxic culture takes work, which requires a major shift in the attitudes and behaviors of everyone on the team—including you. Being the boss puts you in the spotlight, so realize the impact you have on your employees. If you don’t follow your own rules, they won’t either, so make a point to shift your own behaviors. When people see you doing the work, they’ll follow suit.

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