Common Phone Interview Questions All Applicants Should Prepare For

Phone Interview Lessons and Tips

You’ve just scheduled a phone interview for a job you’re really excited about, and you want to make a great impression. If you’re working with a temp agency, Las Vegas recruiters will always emphasize enough the importance of preparing for a phone interview.

Many candidates make the mistake of considering it a mere formality, but that isn’t the case. If you don’t ace the phone interview, you won’t be invited to the next round. Here are a few questions you’ll want to include in your preparation because they’ll likely be asked.

Four Common Phone Interview Questions

Walk me through your resume.

The interviewer will obviously have your resume in front of them, so they don’t actually want you to read it verbatim. Instead, this question is used to learn why you’re interested in the job and believe you’re the right choice.

It’s possible you’ll be talking to someone from HR, instead of the hiring manager, who doesn’t have intricate knowledge of the position. This will help them better gauge your fit for the role.

Why are you looking for new opportunities?

The reason why you’re looking for a job can be telling, so choose your words carefully. Speaking poorly about your current job or employer will ensure you won’t score an in-person interview. For example, instead of revealing your job is boring, say you’ve enjoyed the position, but you’re looking for a fresh challenge.

If you were laid off or fired, you’ll also need to be honest. Briefly explain the situation, maintain a positive attitude and move on.

What challenges are you looking for in a new job?

Asked to determine your fit, your response should highlight both your qualifications and interest in the position. Review the requirements of the job when formulating your response, so you can highlight your most applicable skills and desire to use them. This will help the interviewer envision you in the job — and excelling at it.

Describe your ideal work environment.

Company culture is a huge part of job satisfaction, so the interviewer wants to figure out if their work environment is a place where you would thrive. This question can be a bit tricky, unless you already have insights about the work environment, so try to stay neutral. Explain that you’ve experienced several types of settings and can easily adapt to the company’s style.

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