Do You Have a Well-Developed Employee Retention Strategy?

Helping a Coworker in Need

You have a great group of employees, and you’re hoping to hire more in the new future. This is wonderful, but if you want to keep your team intact long-term, you need a solid retention strategy.

The best staffing agencies in Las Vegas can help you secure top talent, but if you don’t work to retain them, they probably won’t stick around for years to come. Here are a few ways to make your company the kind of place people don’t want to leave.

Four Employee Retention Strategies That Work

Offer a Competitive Compensation Package

A generous salary and outstanding benefits shouldn’t be the main reason employees choose to work at your company, but do they impact their quality of life. People might really enjoy working at your company, but if you don’t offer a competitive compensation package, they’ll likely be lured away by another employer within a few years.

Use resources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics to gauge average salaries for the types of jobs held by your team, in your local area. If possible, at least try to match average wages, but go a bit higher if you can. Survey your team to find out what kinds of perks they’re interested in, so you can tailor your offerings to fit their needs.

Provide Regular Training Opportunities

The best and brightest employees have a desire to learn. Encourage their quest for knowledge by offering regular opportunities to grow their skills. This might involve sending them to conferences, bringing trainers into your office, holding regular lunch and learns or offering complimentary access to online courses. When you invest in your team, they feel valued, fulfilled and are better equipped to do their jobs.

Create a Plan for Career Growth

You can’t expect ambitious professionals to stay in the same positions forever. If people feel like your company offers no room for advancement, they’ll have no choice but to look elsewhere.

Avoid this by having regular one-on-one meetings with employees, and using at least part of the time to discuss their career goals for the future. This will allow you to assign them work that aligns with their objectives and carve out a path for them to advance at your company. Making them part of the planning process gets everyone on the same page, so they see your organization as their long-term plan.

Choose Outstanding Managers

A bad boss can turn an otherwise great job into a nightmare. Therefore, it’s important to really think about who you promote — or hire externally — into these roles. Instead of automatically choosing a top-performer or the person with the most tenure, really focus on the type of personality needed to succeed in the role. You’ll also want to provide training to new managers, as this is a big job to take on, so it’s important to ensure they’re well-prepared.

Hire the Best Person for the Job

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