Three Ways to Improve Employee Morale This Spring

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It sounds a bit crazy, but the COVID-19 pandemic has been raging on for more than a year now. Your employees have worked hard to adjust, but the fact that everything is still far from back to normal is causing morale to take a hit.

As one of the best staffing firm in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas can assure you this isn’t just an issue at your company. Employees are hopeful widespread access to the vaccine will get things back to — somewhat — normal as soon as possible. However, since that isn’t yet available, they’re getting a bit frustrated.

Use these tips to lift your team’s spirits and increase their level of motivation, as the pandemic continues to rage on.

Three Ways to Improve Employee Morale This Spring

Show Gratitude

Leading your team through the pandemic has put a lot of pressure on you, so it’s possible you haven’t been recognizing outstanding efforts as much as you should. Change this by taking the time to thank both your staff as a whole and individuals who go the extra mile.

You can accomplish this in staff meetings, group emails or one-on-one, as long as the message is clearly sent. It might seem small, but a little recognition from the boss will make employees feel valued, which goes a long way.

Offer Extra Paid Time Off

The pandemic has likely been exhausting for your team, so help them recharge by giving them a little extra time away from work. This can be anything that works for your company right now — i.e., another vacation day or early dismissal on a certain Friday. Employees will appreciate that you care enough about their well-being to allow them to relax a bit.

Give Back Together

Boost morale by joining together as a team to give back to the local community. Taylor the activity to fit your employees’ general level of comfort being out in public right now.

For example, if people are willing to volunteer in person, take the afternoon off and partner with a local nonprofit to deliver meals to those in need. If your team would rather do something virtual, take a vote to choose a local cause and hold an online fundraiser for it.

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