What Happens to Top Applicants When Your Hiring Process Takes Too Long?

Delayed Hiring Process | PrideStaff Las Vegas

Your company is a great place to work, but unfortunately, you’re having trouble securing top talent. Plenty of seriously impressive professionals apply for open positions, but your long hiring process typically causes them to drop out before you’ve made a decision.

As the best staffing firm in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas can confirm a drawn-out candidate selection process will cause you to lose top candidates because they’re in demand. If another company makes them a great offer first, they’ll likely accept it.

Here’s some advice to make your process more efficient, so you stop losing out on the best people.

Five Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Seek Employee Referrals

Each of your employees has its own network filled with talented professionals. When you need to hire, ask them for referrals of people they know and trust. Since their reputation is on the line, they won’t recommend anyone they don’t truly believe would be a good fit. This can eliminate the need to cast an enormous net to find talent, which can speed up your hiring process.

Streamline the Process

Hiring a new employee is a huge deal that requires plenty of steps. However, all of these steps don’t have to be as time-consuming as you’re currently making them. For example, instead of bringing candidates into your office for first-round interviews, conduct them using the phone or teleconferencing tools.

Identify Common Holdups

Some parts of your hiring process are likely very efficient, but they’re canceled out by portions bottlenecking your quick progress. For example, requiring candidates to keep coming back to your office to interview with multiple people, instead of scheduling all interviews on the same day, can really slow the process down.

Time It Right

If hiring is a team effort, you need everyone to commit to dedicating the necessary time and energy to the process. Holdups happen when key people are too busy to do their part or out of the office, so check everyone’s schedules before posting a job. This ensures you won’t have to put interviews or other activities on hold for a week or two, while waiting for a colleague to step in.

Take on a Staffing Partner

Hiring a new employee is a job in itself, and you already have enough on your plate. Hire faster, while improving quality, by outsourcing your candidate selection process to a staffing firm. Recruiters work hard to build and maintain talent pipelines, allowing them to quickly access plenty of active and passive job seekers who could be a great fit for the position. They’ll handle all hiring activities, so you just have to meet with their top choices and make the final pick.

Get the Best Person for the Job

Tired of losing top talent to a slow recruitment process? PrideStaff Las Vegas is here to help you hire faster while increasing the quality of your new hires. Contact us today to discuss a partnership!