Do You Have to Provide References on a Job Application

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You’re searching for full-time jobs in Las Vegas, and you want your resume to make a great first impression. The last thing you want is to leave out valuable information that will cause you to be disqualified, so you’re wondering if you should include references.

The answer to that question is no. Employers don’t typically request references until you’re at least invited to a first-round interview, so hold off on taking this step just yet. Here’s why you shouldn’t be overly ambitious and include them anyway.

Why You Shouldn’t List References on Your Resume

Use Valuable Resume Space Wisely

Your resume is the first impression you’ll make on the reader, so you need to really sell yourself. A reference list tells the employer nothing about you, but it does take up valuable real estate. In most cases, your resume should only be one or two pages long, and the content should be entirely focused on your relevant strengths.

It’s also unnecessary to write “references available upon request” on your resume. If asked, hiring managers know you’ll produce a reference list, as failing to do so will likely eliminate you from consideration for the job.

Don’t Burn Bridges

By offering to vouch for you, your references are doing you a massive favor. Therefore, it’s important to ask their permission each time you list them and do so as sparingly as possible. Placing their name and contact information on a resume you send out to a variety of companies can result in many unsolicited calls and emails they won’t appreciate.

Make Sure References Are Prepared

Employers put a lot of weight on references because these people actually know you and can speak to your job-related skills. If you list references on your resume, you probably won’t end up briefing them on every position you apply to, because that can be a lot.

Consequently, they might be caught off-guard if a potential employer reaches out. The lack of preparation could inadvertently cause them to provide a response that isn’t the strongest, despite fully believing in your ability to shine at the job.

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