Why You Should Do More Than Use Templated, Canned Questions for a First Interview

You’re preparing to conduct first-round interviews to fill a position on your team, and you’re planning to ask candidates the same standard questions you always do. While many common interview questions provide key information, the best staffing agencies in Las Vegas know they shouldn’t be the only thing on your list.

Templated interview questions appeal to the masses because they’re at least somewhat relevant to most jobs. However, they’ll only provide part of the details needed to make an informed decision, because they weren’t specifically created for this role on your team. Here’s why going beyond canned interview questions will help you find the best person for the job.

Three Reasons to Ask More Unique Interview Questions

Tailor Questions to Fit the Position

Your company is unique, and so is every position on your team. Therefore, it’s important to customize interview questions to help you find the right fit. Standard interview questions can be a great starting point, but you need to tailor them to fit the position you’re working to fill. The candidate might be a great worker, but you won’t know if they’re right for this role, unless you ask questions that explicitly relate to it.

Get a Genuine Response

Before meeting with a hiring manager, savvy candidates spend a significant amount of time preparing responses to common interview questions. This is great, because it shows their enthusiasm for the job. However, having ample time to rehearse can also lead to misleading responses. When you ask more unique questions, you’ll likely get a more authentic answer, which offers a better look at their fit for the position.

Follow the Natural Flow of the Conversation

Every job interview is different, so sticking to a list of templated interview questions can actually end up feeling forced or even monotonous. Having the ability to improvise at least a few questions will help you get the most from the conversation, because you’re adapting to the natural flow. Not following a rigid structure will allow you to learn more about each candidate and the unique attributes they bring to the table.

Hire the Best Every Time

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