Three Steps to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

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You’re hard at work searching for jobs hiring in Las Vegas, NV. Despite applying for several opportunities, you have yet to score an interview.

This can certainly feel discouraging because you know you’re a great candidate with a lot to offer. It’s possible your cover letter is holding you back, so here are a few tips to help you make improvements that will get you noticed.

Three Steps to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Customize for Each Opportunity

Writing a cover letter is hard work. Since it can be time-consuming, it’s easy to simply reuse the same one for each opportunity. However, this doesn’t do you any favors in the long run, because you’re not selling yourself for that specific opportunity.

Not only does a generic cover letter fail to address key details for the job — it also makes you look lazy. Hiring managers read dozens — or even hundreds — of cover letters for each position they fill, so they can easily spot one that wasn’t written just for them.

Expand On Your Resume

Your resume and cover letter are two separate documents, so treat them as such. Don’t just restate the same bullet points on your resume — expand on them. This is your opportunity to include additional information that further highlights your fit for the job. Structure it in a manner that focuses on the value you can bring to the team, instead of the boost it would give your career.

Convey Enthusiasm for the Job

No one wants to hire a candidate who isn’t passionate about the job. Your cover letter is the perfect place to briefly touch on what drew you to the company and the position itself. For example, if the employer is a nonprofit dedicated to a cause close to your heart, explain that. Highlight your desire to bring your skills to the position and do outstanding work for the organization.

Make a Winning Impression

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