How to Attract Passive Candidates to Your Available Job Opportunities

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Right now, several positions on your team need filled. You’ve hired enough employees in the past to know the best person for each job might not necessarily be searching for new opportunities.

Any reputable staffing agency near Las Vegas and beyond knows finding passive talent is frequently the key to success. Here are a few tips to help get your job openings in front of these talented professionals.

Four Ways to Connect With Passive Candidates

Reach Out to Your Network

No doubt, you’ve built an extensive professional network filled with former colleagues, clients, and associates. Share the job postings on LinkedIn or any other social network you use professionally. Consider personally reaching out to anyone you really think might be a fit themselves or could introduce you to a lead in their network.

Create an Employee Referral Program

Your team members each have networks of their own, so don’t miss the opportunity to tap into this resource. Create an employee referral program that rewards people for recommending successful hires, who stay with the company for at least a certain amount of time. This — and simply wanting to work with people they like — will inspire them to help you make your next great hire.

Use Social Media

If your company has a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share your job postings on these platforms. This is a great way to reach the right kind of passive candidates because they already follow your company. It’s also easy for people to share posts, so your followers can pass job postings on to anyone they think will be interested.

Take on a Staffing Partner

The most hassle-free way to find passive candidates, staffing firms maintain carefully curated pools of passive talent. When you partner with a recruiter, you gain access to these databases, which likely contain your next great hire(s). This allows you to fill open positions quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Find the Right Fit for the Job

Need to fill an open position on your team? PrideStaff Las Vegas is here to help you find your ideal candidate. Contact us today to discuss a partnership.