What Should I Say if I Want to Email a Recruiter for Career Advice?

Asking a Recruiter for Job Search Advice | PrideStaff Las Vegas

There’s no shortage of great Las Vegas jobs hiring now, but you’re not sure exactly what you want from your next position. Whether you’re tired of aimlessly shifting between jobs or need advice on making a major career change, you’d really appreciate help from a staffing expert.

You’ve decided to email a recruiter to ask for guidance, but you’re not sure what to say. Here are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of your message, so you can get the help you need.

Four Tips to Email a Recruiter for Career Advice

Be Professional

In many cases, sending an email is an informal act, but this isn’t one of them. Since you don’t already have a personal relationship with the recruiter, it’s important to maintain a proper tone with your message. Avoid using casual slang — i.e., starting the email with “Hey” — use a standard font and never include emojis. This will show them you’re a professional they can feel comfortable placing with employers in their network.

Provide Background Information

If they don’t know anything about you, the recruiter won’t be able to offer solid advice. Share a brief overview of your employment history and educational background. It can also be a good idea to attach your resume to the email. This will allow the recruiter to better gauge where you currently stand.

Share Your Career Goals

The recruiter can’t provide helpful advice if they don’t know what direction you’re headed. Clearly explain what you’re looking for in your next job, so there’s no room for confusion. This will help them connect the dots between where you’re currently at and the type of position you’d like to hold.

Make Your Objective Clear

Your recruiter isn’t a mind-reader, so be direct about the reason you decided to reach out. Whether you simply want career advice or would like them to help you find your next job, it’s important to let them know what you’re thinking. This will increase the chances you’ll get the outcome you want.

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