Looking Back on 2021 — What Were the Biggest Management Lessons Learned?

As a manager at a successful company, you’re preparing for staff augmentation in Las Vegas next year. This is fantastic, as it means your team had a successful 2021.

However, as someone committed to growth, you want to wrap up the year by taking a look at management lessons learned. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly presented most businesses with unique challenges this year, and this will likely continue into the foreseeable future.

Therefore, you’re eager to make sure you’ve learned from your experiences and are interested in the hurdles other managers have been forced to overcome. Here’s an overview of some of the biggest management takeaways from this past year.

Four Management Lessons Learned in 2021

Prioritizing Employee Needs is a Must

The pandemic changed life as we know it, causing many workers to require more flexibility from their employers than ever. No doubt, you felt this with your team in more ways than one. For example, parents likely needed to adjust their hours while homeschooling kids.

Many workplaces previously had rigid rules in place regarding everything from work hours to the ability to work from home — more on that in a bit — but this had to change. To keep top talent on board, managers were forced to put employees’ needs ahead of those of the company. When they didn’t do that, they saw a mass exodus of talent.

A Whole Lot of Jobs Can Be Done Remotely

The ability to work from home is nothing new, but many employers weren’t into it. However, a whole lot of companies were forced to pivot on remote work policies in 2020, as this was the only way to keep their team safe and functional. While many employers called people back to work in 2021, others have kept people remote — and scores of employees aren’t unhappy about this.

Resilience is Key

Without question, 2021 has been a challenging year. Since the start of the pandemic, managers have been forced to pivot from the way they’ve always done things. Whether they had to lay employees off and figure out how to work with a barebones team or help their staff adjust to a new business model, staying strong and remaining flexible has been a must.

Anticipate Challenges

For the second year straight, 2021 has been filled with unforeseen circumstances. To remain successful, managers have needed to stay one step ahead of the game. Expecting challenging situations to arise and having a plan in place to combat them has allowed the savviest managers to lead their team to success.

Make 2022 Your Team’s Strongest Year Yet

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