What Soft Skills Should You Look for When Hiring New Team Members?

Soft Skills to Identify When Hiring | PrideStaff Las Vegas

The new year has arrived and you have big plans to expand your team. Since hiring decisions hold so much weight, you want to make sure you’re searching for people who have both the right hard and soft skills for the job.

As a leading staffing agency in Las Vegas, HTSS, Inc. cannot emphasize enough the importance of focusing on interpersonal attributes when hiring. While certainly important, hard skills can be learned, but soft skills are largely based on personality traits — including the following.

Five Must-Have Soft Skills For Every New Hire


No doubt, you’re familiar with the saying “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” This phrase is so popular, because it’s true. When your company scores a win, it’s not due to the efforts of just one person — it’s thanks to the contributions of many. Finding new employees with a team-focused mindset is a must, because no one wants to work with someone who is only out for themselves.


Every day at your company is different. Therefore, you need employees with the capacity to adapt to changing situations. Anyone who lacks this trait will be largely unhelpful, because you’ll likely face resistance every time you ask them to take on a new challenge.


When working with others, excellent communication skills are a must. Employees need the ability to listen and converse with people of all different backgrounds. If they can’t effectively give and receive information, they won’t be productive and may have trouble building relationships with their peers.

Emotional Intelligence

It’s important for new hires to have a high level of emotional intelligence, because working alongside someone who lacks self-awareness is daunting. Whether they have trouble managing their emotions or lack empathy, they’re bound to make others uncomfortable and possibly even angry on a regular basis.

Time Management

Each person on the team plays a role in your company’s success, so if a new hire is always running behind, everyone will be affected. They might be the most skilled person on staff, but if an employee lacks time management skills, they’ll constantly hold everyone up by missing deadlines. This will likely cause you to lose clients — or at the very least, ensure other employees have to work overtime to pick up the slack — so it is essential.

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