How to Sell Your Work Ethic in an Interview

Employers want to hire workers who will give their all to a job. Therefore, it’s important to sell your work ethic in an interview. This might sound impossible, as there’s no way to show a hiring manager you’re a hard worker during an interview — but it’s not.

It’s almost inevitable you’ll be asked about your work ethic, so you need to have responses prepared that highlight your commitment and enthusiasm. Here’s some advice to make it clear you’re the hardest worker they’ll ever hire.

Four Tips to Sell Your Work Ethic in a Job Interview

Know What a Good Work Ethic Means to You

Anyone can claim to have a strong work ethic, but that means nothing unless you can support this statement. Your response should highlight a commitment to helping the company achieve its goals by completing your tasks on time and to the best of your ability. Since a solid work ethic also involves being a good team player, you’ll also want to emphasize the importance of pitching in whenever and wherever you’re needed.

Explain Why You Feel Have Strong Work Ethic

Nailing your definition of a good work ethic is a great start, but take it one step further by providing real-life examples. You might highlight your willingness to take on additional tasks when teammates are inundated with work or how you don’t hesitate to stay late when a big deadline is approaching.

Share What Keeps You Motivated

A strong work ethic comes from within, so explain what keeps you focused. Depending on the nature of your job, this might involve the joy of knowing you’re having a positive impact on customers’ lives or it could be a morning routine that energizes you and helps you get excited for the day. There’s no wrong answers, as long as your process is effective at keeping you enthused about your job.

Give an Example of a Time Hard Work Paid Off

Going the extra mile makes a difference, so give the interviewer a glimpse of what you’ve accomplished with this attitude. Sharing an example validates your claims of being a hard worker, because it allows the hiring manager to clearly see you aren’t just bluffing.

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