How to Build Positive Company Culture

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You know a strong company culture is crucial to success, and right now yours isn’t the best. Maybe your turnover rates are high, customer satisfaction levels are low or innovation is basically non-existent — or all of the above.

No matter what’s going on, it isn’t good, and you want to change it. However, you’re not sure what steps to take to get back on the right track. Here’s some advice to help turn things around.

Four Tips to Build a Positive Company Culture

Figure Out What’s Wrong

As noted above, many different issues can cause a poor company culture. Therefore, it’s important to dig deep and find the root cause of the chaos at your organization. This might involve sending an anonymous employee survey, listening closely to office gossip or spending more time with your team to identify common issues. When you’re able to pinpoint exactly what’s going on, you’ll be able to dive in and start fixing it.

Build Trust

If your employees don’t trust management — or each other — this is a big problem. Improve your culture by always being honest with your team — even when it isn’t easy — requesting feedback on a regular basis and acknowledging their accomplishments. Help them learn to trust one another by encouraging open communication, clearly defining roles and responsibilities and planning regular team-building activities.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

A company without clear values essentially stands for nothing. Having a solid vision and defined principles will unite your team, so get to work identifying your organizational values. Accomplish this by determining what you want your business to be and figuring out the type of culture needed to get there. Dig deep to really determine the specific behaviors you want employees to abide by, so you can integrate them into your company processes.

Make Employees Feel Valued

A good culture is a place where employees work hard and feel like their efforts are truly appreciated. Achieve this by making a point to recognize outstanding work in a manner that employees want. For some people, this might mean praise in a staff meeting, while others will prefer to be thanked via email or in a one-on-one conversation. Get to know your employees enough to learn how they prefer praise to be delivered, then give them plenty of it.

Hire People Who Truly Fit Your Company Culture

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