What Qualities Should You REALLY Be Looking For in a Candidate?

Hiring a new employee is a huge deal, so you want to do everything in your power to get it right. In the past, you focused heavily on hard skills — i.e., job-specific abilities learned in school, training or in a similar position — but this hasn’t produced the best results.

You want to do things differently this time, but you’re not sure which qualities to seek out. Hard skills are definitely important, but they can be learned on the job.

As long as the candidate has at least the basic abilities needed to succeed in the position, it’s best to focus on their soft skills — i.e., personality traits. Since these are largely innate, they’re much harder to change. Here’s a few to seek out in the ideal candidate.

Five Qualities Must-Have Qualities For a New Hire

Good Communicator

A candidate might be the smartest person in the room, but if they can’t properly communicate, they won’t be an asset to your team. Good communication skills cover a wide realm, including the ability to know their audience, listen to others, succinctly explain their ideas, maintain a friendly tone and show respect to others. This covers both oral and written communication, as both are essential to most jobs.


No one wants to hire a lazy employee. It’s important for candidates to be driven because this will directly impact both the quality of their work and productivity. Plus, if they’re not motivated, it will impact the entire team. Other employees will have to pick up their slack, which will almost definitely lead to tension and decreased levels of job satisfaction.


Hiring an employee you can’t rely on will be problematic in more ways than one. From being able to count on them to come to work on time to not having to worry they’ll submit assignments by their deadline, you need someone who is consistently dependable. If they’re not, you’ll always be on edge, wondering if they’ll come through or put the team in a tough situation.


Your company is a hectic place where no two days are ever the same. Therefore, you need a new hire that has no problem going with the flow. This might mean having to switch gears and prioritize a different project on little notice or staying late to finish up a report, so it can be submitted on time. Anyone who has trouble being flexible will be difficult to manage.

Team Player

It’s cliché, but there really is no “I” in team. This means you need a candidate who is willing to pitch in wherever they’re needed for the good of the company. They might have to complete a task that isn’t technically their responsibility or work extra hours to cover for an absent colleague, but they’re willing to do so with a smile.

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