Three Ways to Mentally Prepare for Your Work Week…on Sunday

Preparing for Work Week

The weekend is coming to an end, and you’re starting to feel a bit stressed. You know the week ahead at work will be busy, and to be honest, you’re kind of dreading it a bit.

What you might not realize is making a plan to tackle the week now will help ease your anxiety and set you up for success. Here’s some advice to get you started.

Three Ways to Mentally Prepare For Your Work Week on Sunday

Review Your Calendar

Chances are, you already have several projects, meetings and appointments scheduled for the week ahead. Start preparing for what you have in store by taking a look at your calendar now, to identify exactly what’s headed your way.

This will allow you to get in the right headspace, so you’re not caught off guard at anything on your schedule that you might’ve forgotten about. It’s much easier to succeed when you have time to think about and prepare for what’s to come in the next week.

Make a Plan to Tackle Challenges

It’s almost inevitable that your week has a least a few speed bumps. This might be in the form of a project you’re not sure how to complete, more work on your plate than is reasonably possible to finish or issues balancing your personal and professional life.

Instead of stressing about how you’ll handle these challenges on your own, figure out how you’ll ask others to assist. Realize now that you can’t do it all and allow others to step in and make your week much more pleasant.

Schedule Time For Yourself

A jam-packed week ahead can feel like a lot, so think about how you’ll make yourself a priority this week too. You might want to sign up for a yoga class one night after work or mark yourself as busy for an hour each day at lunchtime.

Choose something that makes you happy and be sure to go through with it, because doing so will give you something to look forward to. This is important, and it also allows you to relax and recharge, which is a must.

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