How Might You Improve Your Resume to Get Hired… Faster

Improving Your Resume

You’ve submitted your resume to several job openings, but so far, you haven’t heard anything back. This is starting to feel a bit discouraging, as you thought you would’ve at least scored one interview by now.

It’s possible your resume is to blame for the lack of interest you’ve been receiving so far. Since it’s the first time your name will come across a recruiter’s desk, it needs to shine. Here are a few tips to help polish yours to perfection, so it will stand out from the competition.

Four Ways to Improve Your Resume

Tailor It

Customizing your resume for each position you apply to might sound like a lot, but it’s completely necessary. Modern hiring managers expect you to do this, and if you don’t, they’ll think you’re not that interested in the job.

Plus, tailoring your resume allows you to really sell yourself for the job. It also gives you the opportunity to add relevant keywords — i.e., those used frequently in the job description — so you don’t get passed up by scanning software that eliminates resumes without a certain percentage of these words and phrases.

Change the Formatting

If you’re new to the workforce, coming back to work after a long break or trying to change careers, the standard reverse-chronological resume probably isn’t your best option. Instead, consider a functional format that highlights your relevant skills, instead of work experience.

You’ll still need to list your work history at the bottom, but it places a heavy emphasis on your job-related abilities first. This gives you the chance to sell yourself for the position before the hiring manager realizes you don’t have much — or any — recent work experience in the field.

Proofread It

Employers aren’t interested in a resume that’s anything but flawless. Therefore, it’s possible your resume contains spelling and grammatical errors you haven’t noticed. Give it another look — or two — then ask someone you trust to do the same.

Quantify Top Achievements

No doubt, your resume is filled with bullet points listing your work-related accomplishments. However, it’s hard for potential employers to fully grasp the depth of your success without a numerical value attached to it.

Therefore, it’s important to quantify every achievement, when it makes sense to do so. This adds legitimacy to your candidacy while allowing the reader to understand exactly how far your talents extend.

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