Hiring Forecast: Why Every Great Manager Should Plan a Hiring Forecast Before the New Year

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Now that the end of the year has arrived, things are starting to slow down a bit at your company. Since you have some extra time, you’re starting to think about planning a hiring forecast for 2023.

This is an important move, as it will allow you to recruit strategically in the new year, instead of on a reactive basis. Taking this route will help you hire better, because you won’t be rushed and feel like you need to hire the first candidate who seems like a decent fit.

Ready to get started? Here’s some advice to set you up for success.

Four Tips to Create an Effective Hiring Forecast

Tie Hiring to Company Goals

You have big plans for your company next year, but you’ll need more staff to achieve them. Take a close look at team objectives to see where there’s currently a gap. This might be a skills gap, a lack of staff or both. Identifying this will help you figure out how many new hires you’ll need and what positions you’ll need to create.

Assess Current Employees’ Skills

It’s possible some of your existing team members might have the skills needed to fill a position you plan to create next year. Giving people room to learn and grow is an important part of maintaining a low level of turnover, so if it makes sense, offering them a promotion can be a savvy move. You’ll get to retain top talent and since they’ll remain with your company, they can help find and train their replacement.

Time it Right

Waiting to hire until you needed someone in the position yesterday isn’t recommended. This puts a lot of stress on existing staff, because they’re forced to do extra work until you can fill the position. It also increases the chances you’ll hire the wrong person, because it’s easy to lower your standards when you’re desperate to get someone in the role.

Prioritize Team Needs

Every new position on your team probably doesn’t need to be filled at once. Chances are, you’ll spread hiring out through much of the year, to ensure you have the budget for these new roles and the bandwidth to properly orientate new employees. Try your best to map out when different jobs will need to be filled. This might change as different needs arise, but it can at least serve as a roadmap to help guide your decisions.

Hire the Best Every Time

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