Reducing Employee Turnover in Las Vegas Hotels: Strategies for Hiring Managers

In a city with hundreds of hotels, you need yours stand out from the crowd. Much of this has to do with hiring the right people, which is of course, easier said than done.

Being a hotel hiring manager isn’t easy in Las Vegas. If you feel like your staff is a revolving door of talent, you’re not alone. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Need help hiring employees who want to build a career at your company? Here’s some advice to help you make meaningful changes that keep your staff intact.

Five Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover in Las Vegas Hotels

Make Expectations Clear

It’s possible new hires are quitting because they didn’t quite understand what was involved with the job. Therefore, it’s important to carefully review job descriptions every single time they’re posted, to make sure they still fully describe the responsibilities associated with the position. This also includes work hours. Since hotels operate on a 24/7 basis, it’s important to ensure candidates understand the type of schedule they’ll have before offering them a job.

Create a Thorough Onboarding Program

Learning the ropes at a new job can be a challenge. Even employees who have previously worked at a hotel need a comprehensive onboarding program to help them learn more about your company and teach them how to do to their new job. If training is too quick, new hires won’t feel welcomed, supported or confident in their abilities, which will likely cause them to quit.

Offer Attractive Benefits

If you want to attract and retain top talent, you need to offer a benefits package. This includes perks like health insurance, paid time off and a retirement plan. People might accept a job at your company for awhile without these key benefits, but they won’t stick around for long without them.

Provide Competitive Compensation

Money shouldn’t be the sole reason an employee wants to work for your hotel, but it does matter. The size of their paycheck dictates their quality of life, so the best and brightest workers won’t stay put if they know they could earn notably more with a competitor. Conduct research to find out what other Las Vegas hotels are paying their employees and do everything you can to make sure you’re at least paying average rates — but try to do more.

Take on a Staffing Partner

It’s possible you’re sourcing new hires from all the wrong places. Make this a thing of the past by working with a recruiter. They’ll help you find new employees who truly want to make your company part of their future. Instead of hiring people searching for a job that fits their life right now, these candidates will be serious about a career in the hotel industry.

Build a Team That Lasts

Searching for hotel employees who will stick around for the long term? PrideStaff Las Vegas has the experience needed to help you hire right. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your company!