Preparing for the Future of Work: Skills That Job Seekers in Las Vegas Need to Develop

Las Vegas is constantly changing, meaning the types of available jobs and the responsibilities attached to them are also shifting. As a savvy job seeker, you want to make sure your skill set still aligns with employer demand.

In some cases you’ll need to learn entirely new abilities — especially those related to technology — but you’ll be relieved to know many tried-and-true behavioral skills are just as relevant as ever. Here’s a look at five abilities you’ll want to acquire or strengthen to ensure you’re a competitive candidate.

Five Skills That Job Seekers in Las Vegas Need to Develop

Technology Monitoring

There’s no way you haven’t noticed that Las Vegas has become more automated than ever. While features like self-service check-in and robot bartenders might allow employers to cut down on staffers, it certainly doesn’t eliminate the need for human employees. The watchful eye of a human worker cannot be replaced, as they’re needed to step in when technology malfunctions or another issue occurs that can’t be solved by a computer.

Innovative Thinking

Clearly, Las Vegas is moving forward at a rapid pace. Employers are very aware of this, so they want to hire people who will take the initiative to find ways to propose and implement positive change. This can be anything from new product ideas to suggestions on how to make processes more efficient.

Emotional Intelligence

Working with a team of people can be stressful, but you have to keep your emotions in check. Employers value workers with the ability to understand colleagues who have a different perspective, practice effective conflict resolution, and promote a peaceful work environment. Anyone known to cause drama will be viewed as a distraction that disrupts the productivity of the team.


At most companies, no two days are exactly the same. Therefore, hiring managers want employees who can be flexible. This might mean pitching in to help a team member with a task or modifying their work schedule during a busy period. If you’re too rigid, you won’t be viewed as a team player.


When an issue arises at work, there’s not always an obvious solution. This makes creativity a highly-sought skill, because employees with the ability to produce imaginative ideas can really save the day. Unique ideas can also give the company a competitive edge, because doing things a little differently is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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