Building a Resilient Career: Strategies for Job Seekers in Las Vegas’s Economic Recovery

Positive First Impression

The past few years have been a wild ride for Las Vegas, but business is slowly starting to get back to normal. While it might be awhile until the economy fully returns to its pre-pandemic status, things are definitely looking up.

Despite that, the turmoil caused by the pandemic has made you realize that your career plans need to be resilient. Having a solid plan for your future is so important, but you also need to be ready to shift into a Plan B, if the need arises. Here’s some advice to help you prepare for an unpredictable economy.

Four Tips to Build a Resilient Career

Keep Your Skills Updated

Allowing your skills to become obsolete is never a good idea. Keeping up with the latest technologies and trends affecting your industry will help you do your job better, while making you more marketable. This can help you get hired faster if you find yourself without a job, but can also help you get promoted at your current job.

Make Networking a Priority

Your contact list can definitely help you get hired. Employers value recommendations from people they know and trust. Therefore, if you need a new job, having a contact put in a good word for you with the hiring manager will go a long way. Create and maintain a robust network by touching base with existing contacts on a periodic basis and constantly work to add new people into your orbit.

Focus on Soft Skills

If the going gets rough, your soft skills could save the day. This includes abilities like communication, teamwork, time management, emotional intelligence and leadership. If you find yourself needing to transition to a new job — or even a new career — being able to demonstrate a mastery of these skills can give you a competitive edge.

Embrace Change

A soft skill so important, it’s worth highlighting on its own, the ability to easily adapt to new situations is a must. This will allow you to be a greater asset to your current team, as well as making it easier to find an entirely different type of job, if the need arises. You can’t control the economy, but you are in charge of the manner in which you react to change.

It’s Your Time to Thrive

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