Creating a Positive Work Environment: Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover in Las Vegas Hotels

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Your hotel is only as good as the people running it. Lately, you feel like it’s become a revolving door of talent, which is having a negative effect on everything from employee morale to the guest experience.

It’s very possible your work environment isn’t exactly the most desirable, which is causing your most talented employees to see themselves out. Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to turn this around. Here’s some advice to help make positive changes, so employees want to stay put.

Five Strategies for Reducing Turnover in Las Vegas Hotels

Provide Thorough Onboarding

Learning a new job is a process that takes time. If your orientation process currently involves a couple hours of training, then setting new hires free to fend for themselves, this explains a lot. Even if a person was in a similar job at a different hotel, they still need a thorough onboarding plan to help them get acclimated to your company. When new employees feel like they’re not supported, they quickly start looking elsewhere.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Money isn’t the only thing that matters in a job, but it is a huge factor. The amount you pay your hotel workers directly impacts their quality of life, so if you’re paying below industry standard this will be an issue. For reference, the mean hourly wage for maids and housekeeping cleaners in the Las Vegas area is $16.12 as of 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Slightly less, the mean hourly wage for concierges is $14.46.

Recognize Great Work

Top talent goes out of their way to do outstanding work. They do this because they’re incredible, driven employees, but no one wants to feel unappreciated. If you have the budget, you can recognize outstanding efforts with gift cards or a cash bonus, but a simple thank you also goes along way. Just knowing that you’ve been paying attention and are pleased with their efforts will boost employee satisfaction rates.

Give Great Benefits

More than just a paycheck, people want to work for hotels that provide an outstanding benefits package. This should include standard benefits like health insurance, paid time off and retirement savings. To outshine your competitors, you can also offer perks like generous employee discounts, a free meal from your restaurant each shift and an employee of the month program.

Make Room to Grow

The most talented employees don’t want to stay in their same roles forever. These people are eager to move up the ladder, so allow them to do so. Meet with them to find out where they see themselves in three, five and ten years, then create a plan to help them build their career at your hotel.

Hire the Best

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