Is Sales A Good Fit For Me? Unlocking Insights with 5 Essential Tips

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It takes a certain type of person to succeed in a sales job. While many aspects of the job can be learned, much of it requires innate personality traits.

Working in sales can be an incredible career move for the right person. This line of work often comes with a lot of flexibility and high earning potential, making it a popular aspiration. However, it’s also a very competitive field, so you need to be sure you’re up to the challenge. Here’s a look at five key signs a sales career could be the right choice for you.

You’re Naturally Personable

To thrive in a sales position, you need to be a people person. Clients want to do business with sales professionals who are easy to talk to, show a genuine interest in them and really listen to their needs. If you’re a charismatic person, this can be a major advantage, because people are organically drawn to you. This strength can allow you to become a high-performing sales professional.

You’re Great at Problem-Solving

Working in sales requires solving a lot of client problems. Essentially, people are willing to spend money for products and services that will resolve an issue in their lives. Sometimes what they need is obvious, other times it requires a bit of investigating. As a salesperson, you can find great success by listening to their concerns and working with them to find a resolution.

You’re Very Goal-Oriented

Sales work is all about setting and achieving goals. While you’ll likely have goals at any job, they’re especially important in sales, because they’re often compensation based — i.e., if you don’t meet your goals, you don’t get paid. Sales professionals are also typically able to earn bonuses for exceeding their goals, so having the ability to constantly push yourself to do your very best work is a must.

Corporate America Isn’t Your Thing

If sitting at a desk from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. working through red tape everyday isn’t your thing, sales might be a good fit. You’ll likely be out in the field a lot, meeting with both current and prospective clients. Since you won’t constantly be under the watchful eye of a manager, you’ll have more freedom to manage your career.

You’re Impeccably Disciplined

As noted above, many sales jobs come with a lot of freedom. This can be great, but if you’re not disciplined, it can also be a disaster. It’s important to have the ability to set goals and achieve them without requiring constant pushes from management. You still need to be out there working hard every day, even when you know your boss isn’t watching.

Get a Sales Job Where You’ll Shine

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