How to Position Your Social Media Profiles During a Job Hunt


You’re actively seeking new opportunities, which has you very excited about the future. Whether you’re working with a job agency in Las Vegas or going it on your own, you know you need to do something with your social media profiles.  It’s probably tempting to temporarily deactivate your accounts until you get a new job, but this isn’t the wisest… Read more »

Asking for a Raise – 7 Things You Should Know Before Going In


Money isn’t everything, but it’s a normal part of career development in Las Vegas. If you feel like your current salary doesn’t represent the value you bring to the team, it might be time to ask for a raise. If you’re like many people, you might feel a bit intimidated by this process, but don’t. You deserve… Read more »

Is a Temp Job Right For You? Here’s What You Should Know


Temporary Work in Las Vegas

You’re ready for a change in your professional life. Right now, you’re searching for a traditional full-time job, because you think that’s your only option — but it isn’t. A top job agency in Las Vegas can connect you with non-traditional opportunities that might better meet your needs right now. Here’s a look at what… Read more »

Dress to Impress: What Should I Wear to the Interview?


Dress to Impress in an Interview

You’ve just been invited to interview for a job you really want. This is simultaneously nerve-wracking and exciting, because there’s a lot on the line. In addition to devising responses to common interview questions and other standard prep work, it’s important to put some thought into what you’re going to wear. As a top job… Read more »

Interview Tips – How To Make a Great First Impression


Taking the next step in your career was one of your New Year’s resolutions, and you’re ready to hit the ground running. In fact, you’ve already scored an interview for a position you’re really excited about, so you’re preparing to make a great first impression.  As a top job agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows how… Read more »

Beyond The Burnout – Reigniting Your Passion at Work


Stressed at Work | PrideStaff Las Vegas

Once upon a time, you couldn’t wait to get to work. You enjoyed everything from the responsibilities associated with your job to your co-workers. Unfortunately, things have changed.  Like any motivated professional, career development in Las Vegas is important to you. It’s been a while since you felt like you were moving forward in a meaningful direction — and this… Read more »

The Key to Dealing With (and Overcoming) Rejection When You’re Not Picked for a Job


Reflecting on 2018 | PrideStaff Las Vegas

If you’re searching for Vegas career support, because you’ve just been rejected for yet another job, you’re not alone. Finding out you weren’t chosen for a job you really wanted doesn’t feel great, and when it happens multiple times, it can really get you down.  The ability to keep looking forward is the key to dealing with and… Read more »

Looking to 2020: The Key to Developing a Clear Career Vision


Career development in Las Vegas requires careful planning because the city has so much to offer. The key to developing a clear vision for your career is knowing what you want.    Mapping out a distinct path for where you’re headed ensures you won’t get sidetracked and veer off course. Here’s how to create a plan to… Read more »

Five Ways to Reconnect With Your Alumni Network…to Land Your Next Job


The best Las Vegas jobs can be hard to find. Your college alumni network can serve as an invaluable resource, as both your alma mater and fellow alums want to help you succeed. It doesn’t matter if you graduated last year or three decades ago, your alumni network always has your back. Your college years… Read more »

Why You Should Never Burn Bridges With a Temporary Employer


Low Job Motivation in Las Vegas | Clark County Staffing Support

Finding a job in Las Vegas is hard work. Right now, you’ve decided temporary employment best fits your life. Whether you’re trying to boost your resume, figure out your next career move or balance work with a demanding personal life, this can be a great way to get ahead. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy all your temporary… Read more »