Ready to Get Back to Work? Consider These Reasons to Trust PrideStaff Las Vegas With Your Job Search


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Due to the pandemic, you’ve been out of work for several months, but you’re ready to get back at it. Unfortunately, several thousand other Las Vegas residents are in the same position. You’re a talented professional, with an impressive resume, but you’re afraid your application will get lost in the shuffle. In the past, you’ve… Read more »

Tips and Strategies for Applying for a Job Outside of Your Skill Set


When it comes to your career, there’s no such thing as dreaming too big. If you’ve set your sites on a job you’re not exactly qualified for, it may seem impossible to even score an interview — but it’s not. Whether you’re trying to change careers or simply land a job that will require you… Read more »

Finding the Perfect Job that Fits Your Skillset


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If you’re tired of going from one dead-end job to the next, it’s time to find a meaningful position that can catapult you to success. However, this often easier said than done, so you’ll need to create a well-planned strategy to get exactly what you want. Settling for a job that sounds close enough to… Read more »

What NOT to Do After Being Laid Off


Being laid off can be devastating, but it can also be a time for positive change. Employers are starting to hire again in anticipation of an improving economy. The Las Vegas Sun recently reported that economists are predicting that 200,000 jobs were added in March, the largest number since November of 2013. To take advantage of the… Read more »

Using Temp-to-Hire to Eliminate Bad Hires


Improving Your Resume | Staffing Agencies Las Vegas

Many employers have a similar story when it comes to hiring. You interview a prospective candidate for an available position. They seem smart, professional and capable. You offer them a job and they join your team. And that’s when everything goes downhill. Maybe they just aren’t a good fit for your organization. Or possibly they… Read more »