Who Is Currently Hiring in Las Vegas?


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You want to find jobs hiring in North Las Vegas and the surrounding area, but you don’t know where to start. Some companies post listings on job boards, while others focus mostly on referrals. Thankfully, PrideStaff Las Vegas has you covered. As experts in the local job market, we know exactly which companies are hiring, and… Read more »

Why Don’t Some People Succeed in Finding a Job?


Reasons You Are Not Getting Hired | Jobs Hiring in Las Vegas

You’ve been searching for jobs hiring in Las Vegas for a while now, but so far, you haven’t had any luck. It’s hard not to take all the rejection personally, because putting yourself out there isn’t easy. Finding the right job takes time, but if you’ve been searching for several months, there could be more… Read more »

A Look at the Common Challenges of Startup Companies, and How to Overcome Them!


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Making the leap to entrepreneur is a huge one, so congratulations! Launching a startup is simultaneously exciting and terrifying, but you did it. Most people never have the courage to take this step, so you should be really proud of yourself. As a top Las Vegas recruiting agency, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands how hard it is… Read more »

Looking for a New Job? Make Sure You’re a Good Fit With the Company Culture


If you’re searching for employment in the City of Las Vegas, you need to examine more than just the words in a job description. A job might seem like a dream come true on paper, but exactly the opposite when the work environment is factored in. Employers also realize the importance of cultural fit. With… Read more »

Do You Love Your Job?


Not many people can claim to love something that they do day in and day out. In fact, Forbes reports on a poll by Harris that finds that 40 percent of employees would leave corporate America if they could do something more creative. But that leaves 60 percent who would not. What drives job satisfaction?… Read more »