Interview Itinerary (Part 1): What to Wear to Your Big Interview


Positive First Impression

When interviewing for a job, every last detail counts. Ordinarily, you might not put a ton of thought into your clothing choice, but this is one occasion where you really need to take pride in your appearance. Looking neat and polished is a sign of respect and it emphasizes your enthusiasm for the position. As… Read more »

Resume Round-Up (Part 11): Three Tools to Help You Proof Your Resume to Minimize Errors


Planning for 2019

Your resume is the first impression you make on a hiring manager, so it has to be perfect. As a top temp agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas sees a lot of resumes — and to be honest, many aren’t very good. Issues that might seem small — i.e., a misspelled word or a… Read more »

Resume Round-Up (Part 8): Why You Should Continuously Update Your Resume…Even if You’re Not Actively Looking for a Job


Update Your Resume | PrideStaff Las Vegas

If you’re not looking for a job, you probably don’t remember the last time you updated your resume. After all, making revisions is a waste of time when it’s not in use, right? Wrong. Hopefully, your resume is on file with a temp agency in Las Vegas, but even if it’s not, updating it on… Read more »

When Interviewing Potential Employees, Are You Screening for Cultural Fit?


Hiring in Las Vegas

Filling open positions on your team is hard work. Finding the right skills fit is challenging enough, but many managers don’t realize cultural fit is even more important. As a leading Las Vegas temp agency, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows skills can be acquired, but changing a candidate’s personality is nearly impossible. Making cultural fit a… Read more »

The Top Three Resources For Job Seekers from 2017


It seems a little crazy that 2017 is already coming to a close, but it’s almost time to welcome the new year. If your goals for 2018 involve landing a great new job, consider reaching out toone of the local temp agencies. Las Vegas has so many fantastic career opportunities to offer, and a recruiter… Read more »

Getting Ready for 2018. Three Ways to Make This Your Best Year for Your Career


The new year is upon us, so it’s time to start figuring out what you’re going to do in the next 12 months to make it the best one yet for your career. Success takes careful planning and hard work, but achieving your goals makes it all worthwhile. As one of the leading temp agencies… Read more »

How Do I Effectively Use LinkedIn to Find a Job?


Improving Your Resume | PrideStaff Las Vegas

Question Originally Appeared on Quora: “How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job?” If you’re not on LinkedIn — or aren’t maximizing your use of the site — it’s time to start getting social. The world’s largest professional network has more than 530 million users in over 200 countries, according to the company website. Numbers… Read more »

Thinking Thankful – Four Ways to Show Your Boss You Appreciate Their Guidance This Thanksgiving Season


Thanksgiving is all about taking inventory of the things that make your life so special. If you’re fortunate enough to have an outstanding boss who helps you learn and grow on a regular basis, this needs to be acknowledged. As one of the busiest temp agencies in Las Vegas, the recruiters at PrideStaff Las Vegas… Read more »

Reasons Why a Healthy Work Environment is the Perfect Employee Perk


A healthy work environment is a win for everyone. You already know the benefits for your company — i.e., higher levels of retention, reduced absenteeism, a more engaged workforce — but it’s also a great employee perk. As a leading temp agency in Las Vegas, we know how important a positive work environment is to… Read more »

How to Maintain a Productive Work Schedule when Impacted by a Busy Home Life


You enjoy your work, but it’s only one part your life. When you step outside the office, you’re faced with an entirely new set of responsibilities that require just as much — or even more — attention as your job. Juggling a busy personal and professional life takes strategic planning, but it’s entirely possible. Las… Read more »