How to Get the Attention of Recruiters

Recruiters and staffing firms build relationships with employers. Partnering with a recruiting or staffing firm can benefit your job search and help you to leverage these shoutingestablished relationships. To acquire promising job referrals from a recruiting or staffing firm it helps to make an impact and be remembered. According to Richard Walquist of the American Staffing Association, staffing firms are playing more of a consultative role for both job seekers and hiring firms, and more businesses are turning to staffing firms to supplement work force and staffing needs.

The need for targeted skills to meet rapidly changing business demand has promoted the internet as a prime market place for job seekers, and recruiters and staffing companies are brokering the deals. But just how can you attract and keep the attention of a recruiter and ensure that they find you the best fit for your career goals?

  • Stand out. In a sea of job seekers, you must be a beacon of light. Develop a strong brand image. Recognizable logos on your resume are effective. Highlight your key skills and differentiate yourself. Find your niche and present yourself with that in mind. Ace your first meeting with a recruiter and market your abilities. A broad skills platform is a start, but deciding on a particular target for your skills can lend focus to the recruiter’s efforts to place you.
  • Identify target firms. If you have a clear goal, a recruiter is more able to help you get there; the recruiter will think of you if a suitable opportunity arises. Use the recruiter’s knowledge and relationships to target firms. Develop your own relationships by reaching out to businesses, request informational interviews, and network.
  • Get on the hit list. Ensure that you are alerted of new opportunities. Ask your recruiter to add you to email lists and sign up with their social media pages and twitter accounts. Follow up with your recruiter as soon as you find a lead.
  • Refer a contact. Develop a mutual relationship with your recruiter. Recommend people for roles if you see one and if someone comes to mind. Your recruiter will put you on the priority placement list.
  • Be flexible. A niche is a good idea. However, be open minded and listen to suggestions from your recruiter. They know the current industry trends and may have valuable inside information. They may see a career opportunity that you do not. They are professionals in placing people and you can benefit from their advice.

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