How to Spark a Sense of Dedication and Commitment Among Your Workforce


Getting Team Buy In | Staffing Las Vegas

Hiring in Las Vegas isn’t easy. In addition to finding skilled workers, you also want to choose candidates who plan to be with your company for the foreseeable future. Of course, a lot of that falls on you.  Long-term employees are crucial to the lasting success of your company, so you need to do everything in your power to… Read more »

Can You Hire Fast While Still Hiring Thoroughly?


Revamp Your Customer Service

Hiring near Las Vegas can be a challenge — especially when you’re short-staffed and it’s starting to impact the business. Deadlines aren’t being met, overtime costs are high and employee morale is low. Clearly, you need to fill open positions immediately, but you’re hesitant to speed too quickly through the process. Rightfully so, you’re afraid… Read more »

Three Signs You Might be a Lazy Manager


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As the boss, your employees look to you for guidance. They model their behavior after yours, so your management style speaks volumes. If you need Las Vegas hiring support, take a pause first to look inward. Assessing whether your management style promotes productivity or laziness now will allow you to make any necessary changes before… Read more »

5 Things You Never Want Employees Saying About You


As the boss, you play a big role in your employees’ lives. If you treat them well, they probably respect you and enjoy their jobs. However, workers who don’t feel like they have the best manager won’t think twice about sharing this sentiment with others.  When running a business that provides professional services in Las Vegas,… Read more »

How Well Does Your Team Work Together?


Individually, your employees are talented individuals, but magic doesn’t exactly happen when they work together. Regardless of whether it’s a lack of communication, an unwillingness to compromise or any other issue — if your employees can’t function as a team, your company won’t achieve success. As a top staffing agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las… Read more »

How to NOT Treat an Applicant You Plan on Passing On


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When filling an open position on your team, you’ll interact with dozens, maybe even hundreds of candidates. You’ll invite a much smaller group in to interview for the position, but ultimately, only one person will get the job. As a busy staffing agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands you don’t have a lot… Read more »

5 Ways to Manage Millennial Employees


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They’re not new to the workforce, but that doesn’t mean managing millennials can’t be challenging. If you’re used to overseeing baby boomers and Generation X, you’ve probably already realized the same approach doesn’t work. As a leading event staffing agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands the frustrations of trying to manage employees from… Read more »

Common Mistakes of First-Time Managers…That are Totally Preventable


Being a first-time manager is exciting, but also incredibly terrifying. You want to be an effective boss that gets things done, while being liked and respected by your team. As a top staffing agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas understands the pressure first-time managers are under. Learning to juggle your new responsibilities will take… Read more »

Stop Wasting Time in Your Weekly Meetings! Improve Productivity with These Creative Ideas


Weekly staff meetings are a great way to get your staff together and regroup, but they can also be really boring. If you feel like your meetings have grown dull and generally unproductive, it’s time to give them a makeover. As a leading Las Vegas temp agency, PrideStaff Las Vegas believes in the importance of… Read more »

The Most Common Reasons Why Employees Quit — So You Can Correct Them


Why Employees Quit

Employee turnover happens at every company, but if yours is especially high, an internal issue is likely to blame. Happy, engaged workers don’t typically quit their jobs, so it’s time to get to the root of the problem. PrideStaff Las Vegas — one of the leading temporary employment agencies in Las Vegas — understands the… Read more »