Is It Ever Too Late to Get a Good Job?


Finding a Great Job in Las Vegas

If you’re being fully honest, looking at jobs hiring in Las Vegas, NV makes you a little depressed. The job you’re currently in doesn’t fulfill you, but you feel like you’ve passed the point where you can start fresh. The good news is, it’s never late to get the job you really want. If you… Read more »

Who Is Currently Hiring in Las Vegas?


Jobs Hiring in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Jobs

You want to find jobs hiring in North Las Vegas and the surrounding area, but you don’t know where to start. Some companies post listings on job boards, while others focus mostly on referrals. Thankfully, PrideStaff Las Vegas has you covered. As experts in the local job market, we know exactly which companies are hiring, and… Read more »

4 Must-Do Tips to Find a Job in Las Vegas ASAP


Jobs Hiring in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Casino Jobs

You’re searching for jobs in Las Vegas, and you need to find one now. Whether you’re currently unemployed or seriously eager to quit the job you currently have, you’re hoping to be hired as quickly as possible. The unemployment rate in Las Vegas was a sky-high 16.4%, as of July 2020, so you’re facing plenty… Read more »

Why Don’t Some People Succeed in Finding a Job?


Reasons You Are Not Getting Hired | Jobs Hiring in Las Vegas

You’ve been searching for jobs hiring in Las Vegas for a while now, but so far, you haven’t had any luck. It’s hard not to take all the rejection personally, because putting yourself out there isn’t easy. Finding the right job takes time, but if you’ve been searching for several months, there could be more… Read more »

How to Get Your Career Goals Back on Track If You Find Yourself Behind From the COVID-19 Pandemic


Refocus Your Career in Las Vegas

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. If you’re like millions of Americans, it’s also had a negative impact on your career. If you lost your job due to layoffs, you’re probably feeling frustrated. Even if you were able to find something else to pay the bills, it might not be the kind… Read more »

Is Your Lack of Sleep Causing a Decrease in Your Workplace Productivity?


Improving Productivity in the Workplace

It’s hard to focus when you’re constantly exhausted. Career development in Las Vegas takes hard work and careful planning, but it’s almost impossible to do either of these if you’re always practically falling asleep on the job. Whether you’ve had trouble sleeping for a while or your insomnia is newfound, it’s time to nip it… Read more »

Ready to Get Back to Work? Consider These Reasons to Trust PrideStaff Las Vegas With Your Job Search


Las Vegas Career Support

Due to the pandemic, you’ve been out of work for several months, but you’re ready to get back at it. Unfortunately, several thousand other Las Vegas residents are in the same position. You’re a talented professional, with an impressive resume, but you’re afraid your application will get lost in the shuffle. In the past, you’ve… Read more »

How to Update Your Resume to Showcase Skills Developed or Learned While Laid Off During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Picture of Someone Improving Their Resume

It’s been a tough few months. Unfortunately, you were laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which hasn’t been easy. Navigating life without a job—even for a little while—is challenging, but you decided to make the most of it. Instead of spending all day watching Netflix, you used your time away from the workforce to… Read more »

The Benefit of Spending Just 2 Hours a Weekend on Learning to Improve and Maximize Your Career


Working on the Weekend to Improve Career

You work at least 40 hours per week, so weekends are sacred. Saturdays and Sundays are your time to relax, spend time with loved ones, and get things done around the house. Therefore, the thought of dedicating even two hours to career-focused learning might not be appealing.  However, it’s important to realize that the actions… Read more »

How Might You Help a Coworker Who Is Visibly Shaken up and “Just Needs a Minute”?


Helping a Coworker in Need

Life can be tough, and sometimes troubles bubble to the surface during work hours. Whether the issue is actually work-related or something of a personal nature, you want to step in and help.   As a compassionate person, you hate seeing others upset — especially colleagues you care about.  How to Help a Visibly Shaken Coworker … Read more »