Don’t Conduct Your Next Interview Before Reading This!

Interviewing candidates requires preparation, knowledge of the job requirements, and careful question selection. However, for a hiring manager charged with conducting a last minute interview, a checklist of certain items Interviewing in Las Vegascan ensure a productive experience that achieves the main candidate assessment objectives.

Lynda Bassett, a contributing writer for Monster, reminds the interviewer that candidates are evaluating the company as much as the interviewer is assessing the candidate. The interviewer must create a good impression and manage the expectations of the candidate. It is advisable to gain some idea of the expected compensation during the initial interview.

Here are some guidelines that can ensure a productive and effect interview for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

  • Prepare questions that directly relate to the job responsibilities. Use a behavioral interview technique. Ask the candidate to describe how they managed certain situations in the past to determine how they may behave in the future.
  • Study the candidate’s resume before the interview and avoid doing so in front of the employee. Nothing is worse for a candidate than realizing that an interviewer has not even taken the time to look at their qualifications. Such a practice reflects poorly on the organization, the interviewer, and implies that the position and the candidate are not a high priority.
  • At the outset, outline the interview structure for the candidate. For example, explain that you will provide a brief introduction of the company and the position before you begin the actual interview. This will be followed by an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions. Don’t monopolize the interview; let the candidate do most of the talking, and watch for nonverbal communication such as body language that may indicate the level of interest and focus.

Be courteous and engaged. Conduct a tour of the office and introductions to other staff, if appropriate. highlights the importance of managing candidate expectations; before closing, inform the candidate of the timeline for the interview process. Don’t lose a quality candidate because they are unimpressed by the hiring process.

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