The Customer’s Always Right… A 3 Part Series on Customer Service Jobs in Las Vegas

In the first part of the series, we explained four key traits that every outstanding customer service professional must have — outstanding listener, empathy, restraint and team player. Part two Customer Service in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Staffing Servicesoffered advice on five questions you can expected be asked during a job interview for a position in this line of work. The third and final part of this series will discuss a challenge everyone in this industry faces at least once — dealing with difficult customers.

You chose to work in customer service because you really enjoy being around people. Thankfully, most are pleasant and kind, making your job truly fulfilling, but of course there’s always a handful that are impossible to satisfy. Instead of allowing these challenging customers to wear you down, learn how to handle them in the best possible manner.

4 Tips to Effectively Deal With Difficult Customers

Listen to Their Viewpoint

Often times, people just want to be heard. Interrupting the customer will only make them angrier, so just stay quiet and listen to their grievances. Sure, the person might be overreacting, but they could also have a valid point. Listen carefully to see what you can do to make them happy.

Show Compassion

It’s your job to make the customer feel valued, so be empathetic to their needs. Let them know how sorry you are that they’re unsatisfied and display body language that supports this assertion — maintain eye contact, a sincere facial expression and a soothing tone of voice.

Remain Calm

Becoming visually agitated with the customer is completely inappropriate and it will resolve nothing. If you maintain a calm demeanor, the person will likely emulate this when they realize you really do care about solving their problem.

Don’t Take It Personally

It’s only natural to feel offended when a customer is angry, but try to remember they’re upset with the company, not you. If the person becomes abusive or degrading, call your manager for assistance instead of engaging in a battle with someone who is clearly upset about something much deeper.

Put Your Outstanding Personality to Work

If you’re a people person, a career in customer service could be your ideal fit. Contact PrideStaff Las Vegas to gain access temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire opportunities with some of the area’s top employers.