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Your resume is the first impression you make on a potential employer, and your objective statement sits right at the top. If it doesn’t make a splash, the reader might toss your application to the side before even reading the rest.

Whether you want to be a temp in Las Vegas or have your sites set on a full-time opportunity, careful thought is required for every word on your resume. Objective statements are typically used for those new to the workforce or trying to change careers, so make sure yours sends the message that you’re worth taking a chance on.

Four Tips to Improve Your Objective Statement

Tailor It to the Job

Hiring managers can spot a generic objective statement a mile away. From their perspective, if you can’t be bothered to write a unique statement for the job, you probably don’t want it very badly. Carefully review the job description and the company’s online presence to come up with a statement that explains why this specific job and this specific company caught your eye.

Focus on the Company

You want this job to give your career a boost, but the hiring manager isn’t interested in that. Instead, they’re concerned with what you can bring to the job, so highlight the value you can offer the organization.

Be Specific

As noted above, a vague objective statement will get you nowhere. Clearly emphasize your relevant skills and experience, so there’s no question that you want this job and you’re qualified for it. Make sure the statement wouldn’t be relevant if it was copied and pasted onto a resume for another opportunity.

Get to the Point

You have the rest of your resume to introduce yourself to the reader, so keep your objective statement short and sweet. Anything longer than one sentence is too much.

Take Your Career to the Next Level

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