Is Your Company’s Website Attracting the Candidates You Need?

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Your company’s website is the way that clients, customers, and potential new hires are first introduced to you, so it’s an important piece of your overall business plan. Almost immediately, it conveys to the public how much you care about the user experience, whether you take pride in what you do, whether you go the extra mile, and how much you invest in your business. This is very valuable information to potential new hires.

First Impressions Count

Your website is the first thing people will seek out about you when they begin their job search. The website must be credible and portray your company as a world-class organization. A website that’s confusing, slow, or difficult to use is a turnoff and users will see it as a reflection of how your company is run.

Demonstrate Who You Are

Users will want to know everything about your company, including its history, its structure, founders, location, markets, current employees, and any news articles that feature the company or awards and honors won. You can feature employee’s testimonials, biographies, and anything else about company culture that might signify what it’s like to work there.

Show What You Stand For

Employees want to work for companies that have a clear mission statement and strong values, and your website is a good place to show that off, every chance you get. If you have a blog, mention them repeatedly. Boast about awards you’ve won and mention your company’s purpose so potential employees will understand what kind of contribution they’re expected to make if hired.

Share What it’s Like to Work There

Potential employees will want to know what a day in the life is like. Show them with pictures, videos, more employee testimonials, or even a blog post guest written by a current employee. This helps potential candidates see what kind of traits you might be looking for and understand whether or not they’d be a good fit.

Clarify What You’re Looking For

Under the “careers” or “employment” section of your website, keep an updated list of each position you’re hiring for. Make it easily accessible. If it takes more than a couple clicks to find that list, you’ll lose many frustrated job seekers along the way.

Simplify the Application Process

Give potential hires the ability to complete the entire application online. Outline the entire process for them and tell them what happens next and when. Should they expect a follow-up phone call in the next few days? A confirmation email? Will there be an interview? Make it user-friendly for mobile phones, too, so you don’t inadvertently turn off prospective employees without access to a laptop or PC.

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