How to Position Your Social Media Profiles During a Job Hunt

You’re actively seeking new opportunities, which has you very excited about the future. Whether you’re working with a job agency in Las Vegas or going it on your own, you know you need to do something with your social media profiles. 

It’s probably tempting to temporarily deactivate your accounts until you get a new job, but this isn’t the wisest move. Hiring managers will likely search for you on social media, and not having a presence could work against you. 

Therefore, you just need to use your accounts wisely. Here’s some advice to get it right. 

Five Tips to Impress a Hiring Manager with Your Social Media Presence 

Have a Positive Attitude 

No one wants to hire a negative person. Craft upbeat posts that highlight your optimistic personality. Make it your goal to share content that makes people smile  i.e., inspirational stories, happy photos, and uplifting quotes. 

Choose an Appropriate Handle 

When you created your Instagram or Twitter accounts, you might’ve come up with a fun handle that has a special significance to you. However, if that handle isn’t something you’d really want your future boss to see, it’s time to rebrand yourself. Something simple like your name  and a few numbers, if necessary  is always a good choice. 

Be Consistent  

Every social media site has its own unique tone, but you still need to be the same person on each one. Inconsistent information across platforms will confuse the hiring manager and make you appear dishonest. For example, if your Facebook profile lists you as an employee at one company, but your LinkedIn profile says something different, you need to fix this immediately. 

Proofread All Content 

Chances are, at lot of your social media posts are typed quickly on your phone. This makes it easy to accidentally post content littered with spelling and grammatical errors. From a potential manager’s perspective, this sends the impression that you’re lazy and don’t take pride in your social media presence, so double-check every post. 

Don’t Complain About Your Job 

This should go without saying, but never say anything negative about your job on social media. If a hiring manager sees this, it will almost definitely put you out of the running, because they’ll assume you’ll eventually write the same types of posts about their company 

Be the Top-Choice Candidate 

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