Do Staffing Firms Typically Check References When Screening Applicants?

Hiring decisions hold a lot of weight, so recruiters always check references during the vetting process. As a leading staffing agency in Las Vegas, NV, PrideStaff Las Vegas never skips a reference check.

When choosing references, it’s important to opt for people you know professionally — i.e., former managers, colleagues, clients, teachers — who truly want you to succeed. Here’s a look at why recruiters consider this step a crucial part of the candidate selection process.

Four Reasons Staffing Firms Always Perform Reference Checks

Verify Background Information

Unfortunately, all candidates don’t tell the truth, so recruiters conduct their own research. Calling your references allows them to make sure all the employment information you provided is accurate, so they can feel confident they’re dealing with an honest person. Failing to do so could cause them to hire someone who has lied about their work experience, which could be catastrophic for their client.

Find Out What You’re Like to Work With

Past experience is the best indicator of future behavior. If your reference is allowed to provide an honest assessment of you — some company policies don’t permit divulging any information beyond employment verification — the recruiter will ask questions about your personality and what you’re like to have on the team. This will help them determine your fit for their client’s culture.

Gauge Your Skillset

It can be hard to fully assess your abilities without seeing you in action. Talking with someone who has firsthand knowledge of your skillset can offer telling insights on your ability succeed in the role. Learning more about projects you’ve worked on and areas where you excel or need improvement helps the recruiter get a better idea of exactly what you have to offer.

Identify Any Other Red Flags

Speaking with your references offers recruiters a wealth of information they won’t find anywhere else. If you’ve been dishonest on your application or in conversation, you will be caught red-handed. If you have nothing to hide, don’t worry about the reference check, as it should help your chances of getting hired.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

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