I’m Unemployed. How Do I Get Back Into the Job Market?

Getting Back into the Las Vegas Labor Market

After being out of work for at least a while, you’re searching for Las Vegas jobs hiring now. Despite applying for several positions, so far, you’re hearing crickets.

It might not seem fair, but your lack of recent employment history is likely working against you. Even if your break from the workforce was voluntary or otherwise no fault of your own, employers don’t always take kindly to a resume gap.

Use this advice to overcome this obstacle and finally return to the workforce.

Five Tips to Get Back Into the Job Market

Manage Your Expectations

If you’ve been out of work for several years, you might not be able to pick up exactly where you left off. This happens for a variety of reasons, including your skills being a bit rusty and many employers preferring to promote existing employees to mid- and senior-level positions.

This might mean you have to accept a job that falls a tier or two below where you feel you should be starting. While it might feel disappointing at first, getting your foot back in the door is a huge deal. After you achieve this, you can get to work showing your boss it’s time to move you up the ladder — and fast.

Start Networking

It might sound cliché, but who you know can absolutely get you hired. Let your existing connections know you’re back and ready to work, because you never know who has a contact looking to fill a position with your name on it.

Additionally, making new contacts is important. Join a professional association, attend networking events and update your LinkedIn headline to further expand your reach and let people know you’re actively seeking new opportunities.

Volunteer Your Time

Gain new experience to put on your resume — while simultaneously helping a good cause — by volunteering at a local nonprofit. Seek out a position similar one you’d like to do for a paycheck to boost your skills and show potential employers you’re serious about going back to work.

You’ll also likely be able to use your supervisor as a reference and make new connections who might be able to offer job leads.

Earn New Credentials

If you’re planning to switch careers or are unwilling to accept an entry-level position in your current field, going back to school can improve your job potential. This can involve anything from taking an online course to earning a certificate, diploma or degree. Choose an option that works for you and makes sense for your career trajectory.

Work With a Recruiter

Finding a new job isn’t easy, but can be especially challenging when you’ve been employed for awhile. Teaming up with a recruiter can allow you to get hired faster, in a job that makes you much happier than you’d find on your own.

They’ll help you come up with the strategy that works best for your unique situation. This might involve pursuing temporary, temp-to-hire or direct-hire opportunities that best support your career goals.

Get Back to Work

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, finding a new job can feel intimidating, but PrideStaff Las Vegas is here to help. Contact us today to start your search!