What’s the Best Way to Tell an Interviewer Your “Weaknesses” During an Interview?

You’re searching hard for Las Vegas jobs hiring now that meet your needs, but you’re already nervous about going on job interviews. This makes sense, because they can put even the most confident people on edge.

One of the main reasons interviews make people uneasy is not knowing how to respond to tricky questions that are almost always asked, including “Tell me about your weaknesses.” The last thing you want is to give a hiring manager a reason not to choose you, so this one requires careful consideration.

Here’s how to answer this question the right way.

Three Tips to Tell an Interviewer About Your Weaknesses

Choose a Real Issue

You might be tempted to say something like “I have no weaknesses” or name an issue that isn’t really a problem, such as “I care too much about my projects.” However, hiring managers can see right through this — and they don’t like it.

One major reason this question is asked is to gauge a candidate’s level of self-awareness. Claiming you have no weaknesses or turning something that’s clearly positive into a negative can make you seem arrogant. That won’t impress anyone, so be mindful of the image you’re projecting.

Make Sure the Problem Won’t Disqualify You

While naming a real weakness is important, you need to be wise about it. Don’t share an issue that would keep you from getting hired — i.e., a must-have skill listed in the job description.

Instead, choose something relevant, but not pertinent. For example, you might say “I sometimes have trouble asking for help” or name a software program — not essential to the job — that you would like to be more proficient in.

Explain What You’re Doing to Improve

No one is perfect, but hiring managers like candidates who are focused on self-improvement. Therefore, it’s important to share the steps you’re taking to turn your greatest weakness into a strength. This might involve taking a course to master a certain skill or simply making a concerted effort to change a behavior — i.e., having trouble saying “no.”

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