Give Thanks! How To Show Your Employees You Appreciate and Value Their Hard Work This Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe it, but the holiday season is officially in full swing. You want to do something special for your incredible team, but you’re not quite sure what to do.

The good thing is, there’s many different ways to show your team how much you appreciate and value them — no matter what your budget. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Host a Party

There’s a good chance you haven’t had a proper holiday party since 2019. If this is this is the case — or even if it’s not — consider throwing one this year. Since there’s no rules surrounding the right way to throw a holiday party, do it in a manner that fits your budget. For example, you could have a fancy evening soiree, a fun bowling night or even a lunchtime potluck.

Make a Charitable Donation

Show your employees how grateful you are for their contributions this year by donating to a cause close to their heart. Allocate a certain amount to each person and allow them to decide which charitable organization the donation goes to. This will make both of you feel all warm and fuzzy, while helping a great cause.

Give a Gift Card

It’s simple, but everyone loves a good gift card. Personalize this gift by choosing somewhere you know the employee likes — i.e., their favorite coffee shop, retail store or restaurant. They’ll enjoy having some cash to put toward their next visit, while feeling touched that you remembered this personal detail.

Have a Team Lunch

If you’re looking for a daytime event, consider taking your team out to lunch. This is a fun team-bonding activity that people can do on the clock — i.e., it doesn’t require parents with young kids to get a babysitter. You can either take them to a nice restaurant near your office or opt to have a delicious lunch catered in the conference room. If you opt for the latter, be sure to decorate the room to ensure its festive.

Say ‘Thank You’

Don’t panic if your holiday gift-giving budget for employees is non-existent. Making employees feel appreciated doesn’t actually need to cost a thing. Simply write each person a note thanking them for their contributions this year — get specific — and let them know how glad you are to have them on the team. This is a note they’ll likely cherish forever, as it’s truly special.

Build a Team You’re Thankful For

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