Assuring Your Employees Maintain a Work-Life Balance

You want your employees to work hard, but there’s such a thing as working too hard. Habitually long hours often lead to burnout, which doesn’t benefit anyone.

As the boss, you’re responsible for your employees. In addition to overseeing their work, you also need to keep tabs on them to make sure they’re maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Of course, this isn’t always easy, when managing a team of several employees. Some people also hide stress better than others, making it even more challenging to know when you need to step in.

Creating a standard set of strategies to support a solid work-life balance can allow employees to be their best both at home and in the office. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Promote Flexibility

If employees don’t need to follow a rigid work schedule, don’t make them. For example, you might allow them to work from home at least few days per week or create their own flex-time work schedule. This might involve starting work at a different time a couple days per week or working four 10-hour days to get an extra day off per week. Work with each person to find a solution that fits both their needs and those of the company.

Set Realistic Expectations

When assigning work, remember your employees aren’t machines. Routinely expecting them to complete assignments under tight deadlines is unfair, as it almost definitely requires them to work overtime. Practice open communication with employees by always double-checking with them on deadlines and overall workloads, to make sure they’re reasonable. Encourage people to push back if the amount of work on their plate is more than can be completed during a standard work day.

Prioritize Well-Being

Many companies measure success solely by employee output. While this is important, it’s not the only kind of win to be celebrated. Instead of praising people for routinely working overtime, applaud them for doing the opposite. Congratulate those who set boundaries and encourage everyone to do the same. Keep an eye on employees’ vacation balances and remind those who aren’t using enough to take the time off that they’ve rightfully earned.

Hire Right, Every Time

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