Is Your Job Search Growing Tiresome?

According to Jacqueline Smith, contributor to Forbes, approximately 80% of available jobs are never advertised. Success requires tapping into this hidden job market. But how can a job seeker approach such an intangible Finding a Job in Las Vegas | PrideStaff Las Vegas
task? If you have been job seeking for a period of time, submitting your resume with no success, it’s time for a new approach.

The recession has caused firms to be cautious in their hiring, and many firms only hire referred candidates. According to Dr. John Sullivan of, candidates who are referred from another company employee are more likely to have their resume reviewed and to be hired. Additionally, social media has made it easier for firms to seek talent themselves rather than wait for a flurry of resumes that must be sorted and screened.

Two key factors are evident. Referrals are key and social media is an integral tool. A new strategy in your job search should focus on these two factors. Here’s how.

  • Build a profile on social media such as LinkedIn. Dr. Sullivan suggests using key words that screening and searching tools will recognize. Consider uploading a one minute introductory video to social media platforms. A lot of information can be provided in one minute and videos are increasingly popular as a marketing tool. Companies use testimonials to attract potential employees; you can use one to attract an employer.
  • Make sure your resume and profile is in scannable format and necessary items such as company names, dates, and education are clear. Test your resume, have a recruiter or HR professional scan your resume to check that they can pick up the key points in six seconds.  The average hiring manager will spend six seconds looking at your resume.
  • Network. Use social media to build your network. Join groups and post interesting articles. Contact old school friends and old employers and ask if they know of any opportunities. Face-to-face networking is effective; all companies that interest you and request an informational interview.

Once you start networking, referrals will come. A temporary or contract position may be a positive move and allow you and a potential employer to see if there is a good fit. This is an ideal way to choose the right long-term job next time.

Don’t rely on job boards. Contact a PrideStaff Las Vegas professional and let us help you access the hidden job market.