Hiring Productive Employees that Strive for Success

Employers face challenges in the search for productive workers. In a region where hospitality, entertainment, retail, and construction represent the largest sectors, workers often switch employers or become less committed. Employers need strategies to find committed workers and ways to keep them engaged.

Increasing wages is one strategy that can ensure that your company attracts potential candidates. However, once on board, there is no guarantee that they will stay. The adage “you get what you pay for” is true in terms of talent and beating out the competition, but a company must also focus on providing other benefits to employees that will keep them challenged and productive.

High turnover rates will be increasingly common as the economy improves. The Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation reports an increase in the job quit rate and a high level of job seeker confidence.

  • To retain your best workers, ask what they most want from an employer. Many workers require flexible schedules or health programs. Others may require a higher salary. Invest in employees to reap the rewards.
  • Partner with a staffing agency that knows your industry and the workers. PrideStaff monitors the local economy, employers, salary benchmarks, quit rates, hiring rates, and labor availability. We are a source of valuable information that your company requires to design the right staffing plan. Use our resources to reduce your hiring costs.
  • Productive workers require training and the right tools. Industries with high customer contact, such as hospitality, services, and retail, require workers with soft skills. Employees should have good language skills and the ability to manage customers. These traits can be difficult to identify in candidates. PrideStaff understands the need for soft skills and is expert in identifying those candidates that will be the best ambassadors for your firm.

Jeff Haden of Inc. explains how important wage and salary levels are to employees. Fair compensation can ensure you hire the best, but meeting additional employee needs will retain your best workers and their productivity.

Be confident that your compensation and training programs are at appropriate levels.

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