4 Ways to Stay in Full Production as During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and your employees have probably been saving up their vacation days to enjoy time off with their family and friends.Staying in Full Production as Seasonal Time-Off Kicks In

As a generous employer, you want your team to take their paid time off when they please, but things can get a bit dicey when everyone wants the same days off.

Granting your employees the time off they want, while staying at full production capacity can be a challenge, but it is possible. It’s important to start preparing early, to create a plan that covers all the bases. Learn how to let people take their vacation days during the holidays, without your operations coming to a halt:

Create a Coverage Calendar

Ask employees to submit their requests for time off before the holiday season begins. Use this to create a coverage calendar, ensuring you have enough people to keep production running each day.

Cross-Train Employees

Allow as many people as possible to enjoy time off during the holidays — without your company having to take a hit — by cross-training them. Have employees with similar jobs train each other on pertinent tasks and share key client information, so they can provide adequate coverage for one another.

Provide Flexible Working Options

If possible, grant employees the ability to work from home when necessary during the holidays. Some people may simply need to be off so someone is home to watch their children during the school break, so they’ll still be fully functional if you allow them some flexibility.

Offer Incentives to Work

Reward those who are willing to work during the holidays — especially the most requested days off — with bonuses, gift cards, free lunches and even extra vacation days that can be taken after the holiday season is over.

Hire Seasonal Workers

Take on temporary workers to fill the gaps, so your employees can enjoy as much time as possible with their loved ones. Happy employees are much more loyal, engaged and satisfied than those who resent their employer, so everyone wins. Staffing firms can provide highly skilled workers with all the necessary training, who are ready to get to work from day one.

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