How Can Becoming a Temp in Las Vegas Positively Advance Your Career?

After years in a slump, the Las Vegas economy is finally on an upswing. The unemployment rate dropped from 6.9% in April 2015 to 6.1% in April 2016, meaning this is a great time to Find the Perfect Job in Vegasstart thinking about expanding your career horizons. While there’s nothing wrong with taking the traditional route up the ladder, the climb can take years, so consider expediting your ascent by becoming a temp.

Find out why this non-traditional approach can help you achieve a high level of success in a much shorter period of time.

Enhance Your Resume

When working as a temp, you’ll fill a variety of roles at many different companies, allowing you to gain a host of new skills very quickly. Each of these abilities can be added to your resume, effectively increasing your marketability. It takes most people years to gain such a diversified skill set, but temp work allows you to do this in as quickly as a matter of months.

Explore a Variety of Opportunities

You know you’re ready to move on from your current role, but you can take your career in many different directions to get to the top. In addition to gaining valuable career assistance from your recruiter, you’ll benefit from the ability to try a number of different roles out to see if you like them. This allows you to quickly and easily figure out what you want from your career, so you know exactly what to focus on in the future.

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Get an “In” at a Great Company

A temporary contract doesn’t automatically culminate in a permanent offer, but many candidates do receive one at the end of their employment stint. When trying work for a specific employer, getting your foot in the door with a temp job can certainly help your chances of becoming a permanent staffer. If you make a great impression during your tenure, you’ll have an edge on other candidates when a permanent position becomes available.

Rapidly Expand Your Network

Who you know often plays a huge role in whether or not you’re offered a job, and temp work allows you to meet a ton of new people. Use this golden opportunity to expand your network by really getting to know your co-workers at each assignment and doing outstanding work. When people hear about a permanent position that might interest you, they’ll pass the information on to you, and when possible, offer to recommend you to the hiring manager.

Take Your Career to New Heights

At PrideStaff Las Vegas, we understand how hard it is to get ahead in this fast-paced city, so allow our team of expert recruiters to assist with your search. In addition to temporary positions, we offer a variety of temp-to-hire and direct hire opportunities with some of the best companies in the area. Contact us today to get started!