How to Audit Your Processes to Measure What’s Working — and What’s Not

Your company runs on processes, so if even one isn’t functioning as intended, it’s having a negative impact on your performance. Regularly conducting audits to see what’s working and what’s not isn’t just a good idea — it’s essential.

There’s no way to fix a glitch in the system if you don’t even know it exists. Pride Staff Las Vegas — one of the top temporary employment agencies in Las Vegas — explains how to conduct an audit of the procedures powering your company.

Survey Employees

Employee input is crucial in measuring the impact of your processes. Many probably helped implement these initiatives, so they know exactly how they’re supposed to work. Consequently, they’ll be able to tell you if they’re delivering as intended, exceeding expectations or falling short. Even if they weren’t involved in implementation, they’re completing manual processes by hand and closely overseeing automated ones, so they know what they’re talking about.

Review Performance Metrics

Numbers are pretty cut and dry, so take a look at the stats associated with each process. Carefully analyze how performance ties into overall objectives, to see if goals are being met. Flag any not achieving desired results for further inspection, because they might be holding your company back.

Assess Process ROI

More than just producing positive results, successful processes provide a notable return on investment. Dig deep to determine the amount of time and money dedicated to each process — even the successful ones — to make sure they’re worth it. Efficiency is the key to running a profitable business.

Conduct Comparison Research

In today’s digital world, innovators are constantly creating processes that are faster, cheaper and more cost-effective than their predecessors. Constantly conduct research on systems relevant to your company to make sure nothing becomes obsolete on your watch. Staying in tune with cutting-edge technology ensures you won’t miss a beat.

Hire Top Performers Every Time

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