Resume Round-Up (Part 4): The Secret to Picking All-Star References

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When a potential employer requests a reference list, you know they’re taking you very seriously. City of Las Vegas employment can be very competitive, so the secret to choosing the rightChoosing References | PrideStaff Las Vegas references is realizing the magnitude of your decision.

Many candidates make the mistake of thinking the hiring manager won’t actually call their references or that it’s a mere formality, but it’s not. The people you choose to speak on your behalf hold your future in their hands.

Three Tips to Choose All-Star References

Only Select Those of a Professional Nature

Your family and friends are your biggest cheerleaders, so listing them as references might seem logical, but don’t do it. Not only is it an amateur move, but for obvious reasons, your loved ones can’t give an unbiased opinion of you. Plus, unless you’ve worked with them in a professional setting, they don’t have the firsthand knowledge of you at work that’s needed to fulfill the obligation. Instead, stick with former managers, colleagues, clients and if you’re a recent graduate, professors.

Seek Supportive People

Generally speaking, former managers carry the most weight as references. However, it’s never wise to use someone as a reference who you don’t have a great relationship with. If you’re not absolutely certain a boss from a previous job will sing your praises, skip them and list another professional contact you can count on. The last thing you want is to have one of your own references ruin your chances of getting hired.

Focus on Recent Relationships

It’s probably not wise to use references from your current job, but digging too far back in the past can hurt candidacy. If you list a boss from a decade ago, they won’t be able to speak to your current skills. Plus, the hiring manager might view this as a red flag, because it will seem like you don’t have any more recent contacts willing to vouch for you.

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