The Importance of Hiring the Right Employee the First Time Around

Hiring new employees is a very big deal. The people you choose to be part of your team will either make positive contributions that benefit the entire organization or drag the group down.

More than just a skills match, the right hire must also share values and behaviors that align with your company culture. If you work with a staffing agency in Las Vegas, your recruiter will present you with candidates who serve as an all-around fit. You can attempt to accomplish this on your own, but if you get it wrong, expect serious consequences.

Five Reasons Hiring Right the First Time is Crucial

Control Costs

More than just a headache, hiring the wrong person for the job can be very expensive. Total costs vary by each individual situation, but averaged $14,900 per bad hire, according to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey. This number can increase exponentially for high-level employees and executives, which can make a huge dent in your budget.

Save Time

Managing a hiring process is hard work. Writing a job description, reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates — and that’s just a few of the required tasks — takes an inordinate amount of time. If you hire the wrong person, much of the time you invested in the first round will prove to be a complete waste. As a busy professional, you don’t have the bandwidth to repeat the process.

Boost Employee Morale

Your team feels the brunt of a bad hiring decision, because they’re the ones who have to work directly with the new employee. If the person has a bad attitude or requires constant supervision, their workday will become stressful and genuinely unpleasant. Plus, when you let the bad hire go, current employees will be forced to pick up the slack in the interim, which will likely mean working longer hours.

Increase Productivity

When you’re short-staffed, productivity inevitably takes a hit. Even if your core team works overtime, there’s only so many additional tasks they can take on while doing their own jobs. This can result in missed business opportunities and unsatisfied customers, which could cause revenue to take a hit.

Keep Your Company’s Positive Reputation Intact

Choosing the wrong person for the job isn’t just a negative experience for your company — it’s also a hassle for the bad hire. If the person feels frustrated by the situation, there’s a good chance they’ll share their story with their own contacts and maybe even review sites like Glassdoor. This can tarnish your company’s reputation, which could cause top talent to think twice about applying.

Hire Right the First Time

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