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When interviewing for a job, every last detail counts. Ordinarily, you might not put a ton of thought into your clothing choice, but this is one occasion where you really need to take pride in your appearance. Looking neat and polished is a sign of respect and it emphasizes your enthusiasm for the position.

As a top temp agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows a thing or two about interview attire. Here’s some advice to make sure you look your best for the hiring manager.

Three Tips to Dress for Interview Success

Research the Company Dress Code

As a general rule, it’s best to choose attire that’s one level above the standard company dress code. For example, if employees are required to wear business casual clothing, you should wear a suit to the interview.

Conduct research to learn about the company dress code in advance of your interview. Dressing appropriately shows the hiring manager you’re a match for the company culture, so you don’t want to get this wrong. Showing up in an outfit that’s way off base — i.e., a suit in a work environment where employees wear jeans and t-shirts — could make you seem like a poor fit.

Choose Your Outfit in Advance

You might not typically decide what you’re going to wear until you walk over to your closet in the morning, but that approach won’t cut it on job interview day. Select your attire several days in advance to make sure everything fits and you don’t need to get any items dry-cleaned. The last thing you want is to realize on the big day that the clothes you were planning to wear won’t cut it.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

An interview outfit might look amazing on you, but if you don’t feel good in it, this could impact your performance. Uncomfortable material, tight-fitting clothing or an outfit you just plain hate should never be worn. When trying the outfit on, sit down in it, walk a few paces around the room and check yourself out in the mirror to make sure you’re wearing something that boosts your confidence.

Bring Your Career Ambitions to Life

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