Interview Itinerary (Part 2): How to Prepare for Your Interview

Positive First Impression

Scoring an interview for a job you’re really interested in is very exciting. Making it to this step is a huge deal, so you should be proud of yourself.

As a leading event employment agency in Las Vegas, PrideStaff Las Vegas knows how many applications employers have to go through to narrow down the list of candidates they want to interview. Now that you’ve come this far, keep the momentum going by dedicating plenty of time and effort to interview preparations. Here’s what you need to do to shine on the big day.

Four Tips to Prepare for Your Interview

Learn as Much as Possible About the Company

Interviewers are impressed by candidates who do their homework. You’ll definitely be asked what you know about the organization, and if it’s clear you barely aware of the basics, you’ll send the impression you’re not that interested in the job. Avoid this by carefully reviewing the company website, blog, social media presence and recent mentions in the news.

Choose Your Attire in Advance

Like it or not, the manner in which you present yourself will sway the interviewer, so put considerable care into your clothing choice. Try the entire outfit on several days in advance to make sure everything fits and is clean. This gives you plenty of time to shop for something new or visit the dry cleaner if your top choice isn’t ready to go.

Do note, as a general rule, you should dress one level above the company dress code for your interview. For example, if the company has a casual dress code, choose a business casual outfit.

Practice Responses to Common Interview Questions

There’s no way to predict exactly what questions you’ll be asked, but most will probably be pretty standard. The Internet is filled with lists of common interview questions, so pull one of these pages up and start preparing responses. For best results, find someone to ask you these questions so you can practice saying your responses out loud.

Create a List of Questions

The interviewer isn’t the only one who gets to ask questions. At some point, they’ll give you the floor, and it won’t look good if you have nothing substantial to ask. You might come up with questions during the interview, and if so, that’s great. As a backup, it’s smart to prepare a few in advance, as nerves might cause you to having trouble coming up with any on the spot.

Be the Candidate Who Gets the Job

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