Helping a Coworker in Need

Life can be tough, and sometimes troubles bubble to the surface during work hours. Whether the issue is actually work-related or something of a personal nature, you want to step in and help.  

As a compassionate person, you hate seeing others upset — especially colleagues you care about. 

How to Help a Visibly Shaken Coworker 

Give Them Space 

When someone is upset, you immediately want to help. However, a visibly shaken person who asks for space probably does truly want it. A few moments alone will help them gather their thoughts and compose themselves, which will make them feel better. However, if they don’t come back in few minutes, it’s fine to check on them.  

Lend a Helping Hand 

If someone is visibly shaken, they need time to calm down before returning to work. If your coworker has job duties that require their attention before they’re ready to come back, volunteer to pitch in. If you’re able to complete a task or two for them — or find someone else who can — they can calm down on their own time, which is important. 

Be a Shoulder to Lean On 

Chances are, your colleague needs someone to talk to. Be there for them by allowing them to speak uninterrupted. Getting their problems off their chest will make them feel better, so just sit back and listen. Don’t offer advice unless they ask for it. Sometimes all people need is to be heard and have their feelings acknowledged.  

Find Out What They Need 

Different people need different things to help them through periods of distress. Instead of assuming you know what you can do to ease their situation, take the time to ask. Their response might surprise you. You want to make a positive impact, so it’s important to be sure you’re doing something that’s truly helpful. 

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